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7:00 pm Wednesday 7:00 pm Wednesday

It doesn't matter if you've been attending church for a long time, or if you've never attended church at all. We do our best to make people feel welcome, and our church service reflects that. Friendly people, lively worship, and challenging messages combine with a warm atmosphere to make North Laurel a place people enjoy coming to. 

North Laurel isn't about "religion". We're all about relationships, with God and with people. Through our relationships with each other, we are built up and strengthened. Through our relationship with God, we're able to enjoy true life. Life as God intended. As you visit our website we hope you’ll be able to see who we are, what we believe, and who we seek to glorify.

Dec 6
Early Service North Laurel Baptist Church
Sunday, 9:00 AM
Dec 6
Second Service North Laurel Baptist Church
Sunday, 10:30 AM
Dec 6
Lord's Supper North Laurel Baptist Church
Sunday, 6:00 PM
Dec 9
Wednesday Prayer Meeting North Laurel Baptist Church
Wednesday, 7:00 PM
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20 Years of Faith Promise
20 Years of Faith Promise

North Laurel Baptist Church • September 26, 2020

This month our church is celebrating 20 years of Faith Promise Giving. God has been ever faithful to supply our needs from the beginning, and it has been our privilege to have a part in God's great work of spreading the Gospel. Many of our members have given regularly to our Faith Promise Missions Program for years. Because of this, many souls around the world have been saved through the preaching of the Gospel by missionaries we partner with. We hope that you too will come to know the joy of obeying the Great Commission, and have a part in seeing a harvest of souls for Christ.

We currently support 50 missionaries or mission works, and throughout the years have supported many others for varying periods of time. There is a map in the side foyer with marked locations of where we have made investments for souls.

20 Years of Giving


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