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History of North Laurel Baptist Church

"On June 16, 1951 at 7:30 p.m. a group of Baptized Believers in Christ came together to organize a Missionary Baptist Church".

Thirty-one members came together because there was "no church in the vicinity and there was also a large number of families not attending Sunday School or church anywhere." Motion was made and seconded to accept all thirty-one as charter members and to select Rev. W.L. Pearson as the first Pastor of North Laurel Baptist Church.

On July 12, 1951 a committee "brought forth before the church an acre of land that was found for $90.00." On August 9, 1951 the deed was made out to North Laurel Baptist Church.

In 2001, North Laurel Baptist Church celebrated its 50th anniversary. Below is a video from our 50th anniversary with pictures and footage from the church throughout the years. The next milestone for North Laurel will be 2026 when we celebrate our 75th anniversary.

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50th Anniversary - Part 1
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50th Anniversary - Part 2